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We have established a few rules to help all participants to have a good time. Those who do not follow these rules are subject to being immediately and permanently banned. Please familiarise yourself with these rules. We reserve the right to add or change rules without notice as situations require.

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To support and encourage our Martial Arts family atmosphere, we request users to register a username that begins with their real first name. This is not mandatory, but highly recommended. Each individual is allowed to have only one Bulletin Board account.


Prohibited Topics and Behaviours

a.) No discussion of any illegal activity or threats of violent activity.

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f.) Please respect that our Bulletin Board is divided into different topics. Please keep your comments relevant to those topics. We will delete posts that are severely off-topic or move them to the appropriate sub sections. Please do not post the same message in multiple sub sections, but just in the correct sub section.

g.) The bumping up of posts just to make them go to the top of the list, without posting any additional information in the thread (other than, for example, "bump" or "to the top", etc.), is discouraged.

h.) STKD operates this Bulletin Board to give past, potential or current martial artists a chance to interact with STKD and each other. Please direct all questions or concerns about the Bulletin Board to the Bulletin Board administrator, and not to the Bulletin Board at large.

i.) STKD reserves the right to delete topics or "lock" topics to prevent further discussion, as well as edit or delete individual messages. Such actions may be taken without warning or notification. Please do not repost deleted or locked messages, or post questions or comments about an administrator's actions. Any such issues should be addressed privately and directly to the Bulletin Board administrator.

Private Messaging Members are allowed the privilege of accessing our Private Messaging system for off-Bulletin Board contact between members. All Private Messages are expected to conform to the same content and behavior guidelines as on-Bulletin Board behavior. Any member who abuses the Private Messaging function of our Bulletin Board risks losing their ability to send private messages or being banned from our Bulletin Board. Also, if you don't need to keep the message, please delete it, as it will help keep our database "cleaner" and allow for more space to post other topics.


Due to the volume of deceptive registrations, we will closely monitor new members and after at least 10 post the member is considered a "ranking member" of the Bulletin Board.


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