School of Taekwon-Do



Grading is conducted every 3 months, usually in March, June, September and December each year subject to approval obtained from the Controller of Martial Arts, Martial Arts Control Unit, Singapore.

To qualify for Grading, the following MUST be submitted at least one (1) week in advance:

      a. The Grading Application Form
      b. The Studentís Grading Card
      c. Grading Fees (non-refundable)
      d. Training fees duly paid.
      e. Completed Minimum Time Period (see Time Requirements)

Parents / Guardians of students below age of 13 must ensure that their child / ward is able to attend the Grading which they have registered.

If the student is unable to attend the Grading due to illness, a valid medical certificate MUST be produced in order to qualify for a re-Grading. Only ONE (1) re-Grading is allowed regardless of the reason(s).

During the Grading, each student will be allowed two (2) opportunities however, points will be deducted for those who cannot meet the requirements the first time.

The decision of the Examiner is final. No appeal or correspondence will be entertained.

The Grading Fees are not refundable / not transferable.

Parents / Guardians are NOT allowed in the Grading premises.

The Grading Card is FREE for the first issue. Loss of Grading Card MUST be reported to STKD and a replacement fee of S$5.00 will be levied for the 1st replacement and S$10.00 for subsequent replacements. The Grading Card is a legally recognised document and students must ensure they keep it in a safe place.


Minimum Time Requirements For Gradings:

Yellow Stripe 3 months Yellow Belt 2 months
Green Stripe 3 months Green Belt 3 months
Blue Stripe 4 months Blue Belt 4 months
Red Stripe 5 months Red Belt 5 months
Black Stripe 6 months Black Belt, 1st Dan 6 months

Before a student is allowed to test for a higher rank they must first complete the minimum time requirement for their next grading. Students with previous Martial Arts experience may be given an opportunity to test for a higher rank before completing the minimum time requirement. The student must also pass a pre-test which is given by the instructor approximately one week before the grading date.


In order to be promoted to a higher rank a student must pass with at least a 65% average. School of Taekwon-do will issue an official ITF-STKD certificate for all colored belts. Black Belt certificates come directly from the ITF headquarters.

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