School of Taekwon-Do



  • Bow before entering and leaving the dojang (training area).

  • If you are late for class (i.e., students have already bowed in), you must do 10 pushups in the back of the class before joining the group.

  • Once class begins, do not leave the training area without first asking permission from your instructor.

  • Students must bow to their instructor before speaking to him/her and use words such as "pardon me sir/mam", "yes sir/mam", "no sir/mam", "thank you sir/mam".

  • A student should never call an instructor by his/her first name. They should say Mr. Tan, or Ms. Tan, for example. This sign of respect should also be shown to other students and assistant instructors. To gain respect, you must first show respect.

  • Advanced students must set a good example for beginning students and offer assistance whenever needed.

  • Loud conversation, laughing in excess, "horsing around", and chewing gum, have no place in a TaeKwon-Do Dojang.

  • Do Bok (Uniform) must be kept clean at all times.

  • Your fingernails and toenails must be kept short.

  • Jewelry (rings, earrings, watches, etc..) are not to be worn during class time. Only instructors and assistant instructors are permitted to wear a watch, so that they can keep track of time.

  • Any substitute instructor or assistant instructor shall be treated with the same respect as your regular instructor.

  • Do not give a demonstration or teach TaeKwon-Do without first getting the permission of your instructor.

  • Do not engage in any activities that might degrade the reputation of your school and the International TaeKwon-Do Federation (ITF).

  • You must get permission from your instructor before you can participate in any competition, and students are not permitted to compete in competitions that are not sanctioned by the ITF.

  • Free Sparring is practiced by only Yellow Belts and up, under the direct supervision of a Black Belt instructor. Sparring under any other circumstances (i.e., at home, school, community) is strictly prohibited.

  • When free sparring, it is mandatory that all students wear hand and foot protectors, and that males wear a groin protector. Only Touch contact is allowed to the head and to the body. We must respect each others body. Remember" good control, respect each other, no injuries". Safety first!

Disciplinary action will be taken for violation of the above rules. Penalties will vary at the discretion of the Chairman and the Chief Instructor. Such penalties could be demotion of rank, suspension, or termination of training.

Talk if you will, walk away if you can, run if you must BUT if all else fails, DEFEND YOURSELF.