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About the STKD Dragon™ Web Excellence Award

The STKD Dragon™ Web Excellence Award was created to honor Non Martial Arts web sites that are Outstanding in their Content and Design which gives the visitor a feeling of "Why settle for less, this is the best". Unlike other normal Web Awards, sites that have been awarded the STKD Dragon™ Web Excellence Award are nominated by surfers. Each Award has the winners name and its own unique serial number.

The STKD Dragon™ Web Excellence Award is open to ALL Non Martial Arts Sites. The same stringent criteria for The STKD Dragon™ Award applies. Only one category, The STKD Golden Dragon™ Web Excellence, will be awarded to the Winners of Non Martial Arts Sites. There is no Silver or Bronze.

About the STKD Dragon™ Award

The School of Taekwon-Do Dragon™ Award was created to honor Martial Arts web sites that are Outstanding in their Content and Design. Unlike other normal Web Awards, sites that have been awarded the STKD Dragon™ Award are nominated by surfers. Each Award has the winners name and its own unique serial number.


Golden Dragon
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Bronze Dragon

Explanation of the Award Design

The colour GREEN was used to signify GROWTH as per the meaning of the ITF-Taekwon-Do's GREEN Belt. Dragons are mythical beasts. In the West, it is capable of breathing Fire and in the East, it is a bringer of WATER and WEALTH.

The Elements of FIRE and WATER when used wisely, are beneficial and benevolent to mankind BUT when enraged or misused, will cause massive destruction and calamity. Dragons are also symbols of POWER. Emperors of Ancient China wears the Dragon Robe to signify that they are the sons of Heaven thus are all POWERFUL just like a practitioner who is versed in his or her Art.

The Dragon is depicted chasing The Heavenly Pearl which is said to be the most PERFECT Pearl in the Universe symbolising the Awardees pursuit of perfection in their respective Martial Art.

A Martial Arts exponent who is versed in his or her Art is powerful and should be benevolent at all times. If practiced correctly, Martial Arts will bring about PEACE and PROSPERITY however, exponents of Martial Arts who use their skills for nefarious purposes will only cause HARM to the world.

The significance of the School of Taekwon-Do SHIELD on the Award serves to remind all that firstly, Martial Arts should be practiced for "SELF DEFENSE" purposes as symbolised by the shield (please click here for a more detailed explanation) and secondly, to identify the Originator of the Dragon Award.

All TRUE Founders create their ART for the PEACE of Mankind therefore, the STKD Dragon™ Award seeks to honor those sites that promote their Art the Way it was meant to be practiced by their Founders.

Criteria for The STKD Dragon™ Award

Before a Site can be considered for the STKD Dragon™ Award, they MUST meet the following criteria:

  • Sites must be nominated by surfers.
  • Martial Arts refer to ANY form of Martial Arts, not necessarily Taekwon-Do which our site offers.
  • Sites should have outstanding content which MUST be relevant to the topic. For example, if the Page is about Subject "A", do not change suddenly and talk about Subject "B" without any "bridge" to link the two topics. Be in focus, Subject "B" can be discussed on another page. It would be strange to read about one topic then suddenly find yourself reading about another topic without any idea about what was going on.
  • Martial Arts Sites SHOULD NOT demean other forms of Martial Arts. e.g. Site about TaiChi or Taekwon-Do should not demean Karate just because it is a TaiChi or Taekwon-Do site. Non Martial Arts Sites should NOT discriminate against other Sites.
  • No false claims of prowess or unproven "too good to be believed" statements.
  • Easy navigation, relatively fast loading and pleasant to the eyes of the viewer. e.g. NEAT layout with no unnecessary large images or mismatched fonts.
  • Copyrights and materials not created by the Site MUST be properly credited.
  • No irritating pop-up menus. Javascripts (which can slow down a site or cause errors to some systems) should be used sparingly and in good taste.
  • Do not submit a site which contains that contain adult material, racism, sexism or illegal activities.
  • The site should be free of needless distractions. These include Javascript pop-ups that ask for the visitor to input their name, automatic MIDI's without controls, scrolling text in the status bar, and other such items that contribute little or nothing to the purpose of the web site.
  • No dead or erroneous links.

Awards are given FREE with no strings attached. If you know of a site which meets the above criteria, feel free to nominate it. Please allow at least 3 days for processing. Only Winners will be notified.

Please note that by nominating a site for our awards, you are asking for our personal rating of the web site and our opinion may not be the same as yours.


Kindly NOTE that it is NOT the policy of the School of Taekwon-Do, Singapore to collate any information submitted. All information received are CONFIDENTIAL and only relevant to the Award Nomination. It WILL NOT be sold, traded or given to any third parties.

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